Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The journey continues--

As of now we have one 3aa being biopsied for CCS, so onto another round we must plan for the summer-- hopefully sooner than later...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

new cycle--#10 here we come

It has been truly a long time since I felt any motivation to whine about life on my blog. There's plenty to be whined about, but that's life. My heart is full when I see our little girl thriving. Sometimes I can hardly believe the power of observation of a 20 months old! She's such a spy!
So I've started priming for another retrieval later in March. Already we have suffered some would-be serious set backs and emotional distress (ugh, why can't they end??). We nearly couldn't all travel together due to bureaucracy, then there is the Nor'easter in Philly. Fingers crossed that our flight doesn't delayed too much, or get canceled completely. ...!
I have a new nurse now. She is hand down AWESOME.
TBD, I guess! Taking off in 3 days!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Big leap

Baby N is 6 months old, in fact she's heading to her 4th pediatric appointment on Wednesday. I am doing alright, having had a few very emotional and feeling-down days possibly caused by returning of aunt-flo (finger crossed).
We are moving. The move is stressful as everything needs to be in place when we get there so baby can transition smoothly, plus the cat and the dog need to fly as well. There goes the zoo again!
Baby N is showing so much personalities these days that scares me what she would be like when we return, or will we?

Monday, October 19, 2015

The would be child

My lost twin would have been 3 months old yesterday.  I think about him/her all the time, and how we parted the short ways. It just left his/her sister, or faded to ensure her growth. Whatever the reason was, someday baby N will know that she wasn't alone at conception.
My sweet sweet pie, mommy misses you.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Check list

So we are heading to Denver at the end of the month to complete the last round of PESA for S. His lab looked fine according to the urologist accords the street from ccrm, so here we go again.....
However, this would be the first family fly together:) I'm both nervous and excited about this important trip, hopefully we are one more step closer to completing the TREE!
Finally, our amazing little sleeping champ has been doing 9pm-7am straight this week at 2.5 month!! Still I'm so paranoid that I have to check on her anyway;)

Friday, September 18, 2015

The hamster wheel

It's that time again.....yes, S just had his lab done for CCRM for a PESA.  Once again we find ourselves at point zero, not knowing what to expect.  The sperm sample which resulted in baby N was from  a PESA  performed in 2009. Unfortunatly the same doctor who did the procedure (who had twins himself due to infertility)retired and referred us to a much younger doctor. S did not like the younger doctor opening up the consultation with a suggestion to an "experimental Micro procedure" (that would cost 9000 dollars out of pocket). We decided to see if we could do a PESA with CCRM's urologist instead then return next fall for a ODWU.  At this point we are only planning ahead, but I would sleep better knowing science might give us another chance at completing our family....but who knows what's coming to us next? We should hear back from Colorado about S's lab soon....I'm too tired to hold my breath though!
Baby N is thriving, I love her creamy cheeks and dark almond eyes, her cooing along and her big, sensational gummies!