Sunday, September 29, 2013

Over joyed.. and...?

I'm so happy to have found out one of the ladies I follow is now PREGGERS! YAY!
As to us, last week I was offered some new responsibilities--so now I'm living with 4 deadlines.  With our PC with CCRM coming in a week, I wonder if I should send them our record?...
Our new pooch is great, although he is causing some issues at home with potty training...go figure! :/

Friday, September 13, 2013

Phone consultation with CCRM

We are all over the place-- ED, home insemination, and now, we have just booked a phone consultation with CCRM.  The consultation is free, so what the heck.  Our medical records are a thick stack of past failures waiting to be revisited.  Once organized I will enter them into the patient account. Seriously, I can't believe we have gone through 8 IVFs already...(:/

Monday, September 9, 2013

Our first puppy, home insemination and ordering sperm from Denmark

It's been 3 weeks since we came home, everything has been on the emotional-side because after all the chaos, we are exactly where we were before the summer.  We are kind of stuck waiting for donors from both Madrid and CHR right now, that could take months even if we are lucky.  Meanwhile my body is quietly going through its natural cycles, and that makes feel... Empty.  I started to seriously looking into home insemination with donor sperm again, something I did before while doing iui at CWRC.  The truth is, I hated going to CWRC, it just felt so mechanical and depressing. 

 The doctor in Denmark made it very clear that while my eggs are weak, they will however thrive on a "18 year old's sperm".  I know this sounds funny coming from someone with 11 iui and 8 ivf under her belt and still trying-- but I do totally believe that my body can conceive naturally one of those times, except I would do home insemination than going to a clinic. Right near my home there is a small clinic that offers walk-in scan/bloodwork etc, and that's all I'm going to do-- get a scan on day 2& 13, and inseminate myself at home.

We are ordering sperm from Cryointernational Denmark. Although our choices of donors ate limited only from the "USA compliant" donors (smaller pool of course). The shipping is 2 days from the day of order, so if I order on Monday (they only ship between Mon and Wed) I should expect it on Friday. The sperm is going to arrive in a hydro tank, which needs to be returned after usage. The tank can stay cold for a couple of weeks if you don't peek into it. If they ship to a private residence, they will attach the home insemination kit with it.
I've called Fairfax cryo about home insem, however they require doctor's consent. Now we all know insemination is a simple process provided you know well what you are doing. Since we've been dealing with this for 4 years, I'm comfortable doing it while waiting for plan B to take place.

Our new puppy comes home early tomorrow morning since it wasn't planned by us but the seller were able to ship him off earlier, we had to rush out to get toys, food and crate for the him today...;)