Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Out of the blue, I got a call from my nurse from the OB's office, she asked if we wanted to know the sex of the baby, of course we caved HA!
It's official! Baby GIRL on the way!! :D

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


We did it! We are having a BABY!!!! I know it's odd for me to exclaim this now but in the gap between week10 and this morning, just before that magic wand touched my belly, I was feeling so very unconvinced about this pregnancy. Then we saw his/her little head and little legs...then we heard the heart beats... it just now occurred to me that there is indeed this little tiny life growing inside of me, and it is possibly the leading cause of me living in sweatpants due to everything else being unfit. I CAN'T believe how pessimistic I have become since we started the journey to conceive, to perpetually expect nothing but bad news had created permanent damage to my ability on accepting good news.
Well, that won't change for a while BUT here's good news-- All is fine (so far), and all takes a breath (for now).  We also are doing Centruy21 test for assurance.  I will go back at 20 weeks and see how it goes from there.

S joked that the baby looks like a giant beetle on the scan, now I can't get it out of my eyes...:/

Monday, January 12, 2015

FIRST OB VISIT, the nurve sets in.

First OB appointment made for next Wednesday, would have liked an earlier time but oh well.  Spoke with the nurse regarding missing tests, etc, later got a call from my OB in person, who was so sweet to congratulate us....last time we saw her was during our first cycle monitoring in Feb last year...time flies..! She said that the only test they would recommend is a one that has to be done before week20, other than that she thinks we're all good. Sadly since there are 5 doctors rotating in her service, I won't be seeing her next week, but she would make sure the new doc is brought up to date on my status.  We are officially going to see our little peanut next Wednesday......SO NERVOUS.  We have not seen her/him since week 10, sure there's a little bump, and the nausea is still around, but sometimes I really wonder if things are cooking alright inside....hmmmmmmm.

Friday, January 9, 2015


SO, I finally received the call (e2 at 29) from a nurse at CCRM today confirming our graduation.
When inquired about our next cycle in a year or two, they will be asking for another ODWU... ugh, bummers.
But HEY, we're moving along! :D
The moon was full and beautiful the other day. I remember during "those" years of struggling with infertility I would always look at the moon and wonder when is it going to be my turn for motherhood...the moon would morph from new to full every month, as I felt flat and still and unprogressed. But I digress...
People-- good people, friends have told us from "try adopting" to outright "stop trying". Of course only a few knew about our Apzoo situation, not even my mom, who kept telling us it wasn't the time and we should just relax. If we hadn't gone to CCRM I imagine we would have been pursuing DE, with or without success.  I am grateful that we worked with CCRM and fought our battle against biological barriers and took a victory, although in a few years we will go right back to where we started, and who knows what's waiting ahead for us then?
Anyway, we're forever grateful in the dreadfully long night of darkness, we finally found the light to our happiness.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ooooone more test

Finally got the call but not quite the one I wanted--since e2 and p4 are catching up, I'm to stop all pills and do another test this Friday, then maybe, I graduate.
This week I have had terrible stomach in the evening, anything goes in doesn't go down and just stays there like I have no digestive power.:/

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Undregraduate

I'm officially unimpressed at CCRM's fax and patient care rep.
It if not the first time I'm having to chase my own missing result faxed twice to CCRM, and having be told by CCRM's nurse line rep, that "IT IS NOT THEIR FAULT" that "THE FAX IS NOT 100% RELIABLE", and if I asked for my nurse to call RMA directly to obtain my result, wouldn't I know that "THEY WOULD HAVE TO DO THAT WITH EVERY PATIENT?"

GOSH I am terribly sorry to have inconvenienced you this far, CCRM nurse line rep, perhaps my inconsiderate mind was too anxious to be getting the final call from the nurse so I can make my FIRST OB appointment at 13week, SINCE, I have told you, my OB will ONLY book me IF I am released from CCRM.

 --Hey, how about "I'm sorry this has happened (again), let me send the nurse a message so we can put the bussshit away and get you GRADUATED TODAY"???

The on-call doc at RMA called me last night to give me my P4 (33) and E2 (5092), since they can't give me my report directly as an outside patient (makes no sense) and suggested that instead of fax, they would email my result to CCRM.  I really appreciate  the call as it made me feel so much better knowing my P4 has finally caught up since the last check, this means I'll be 100% weaned by today if I can get the nurse to give me those words.