Saturday, November 30, 2013

The waiting game

2 days to the regroup call, a month and half to my possible cycle, I'm anxious. Several blogger friends and group members are already pregnant from their FETs, I'm so anxious. 
Hers my plan, sorry if it's a bit early for the layout:)  If we get at least one  CCS normal embryo, we will attempt another cycle, if we don't end up with any normal embryo, we will immediately switch to DE. Or, if somehow we end up with 2 plus normal embryos in the first round, we will do FET right after.  So there it is, our next 7 months in planning.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What's to thank for after +4 years of infertility

I've always known that conceiving would be difficult, just didn't realized what it really meant. When I was 27, I thought it would be an appropriate time start a family, as my mother gave birth to me at age 28 Next year I will be 32 years old. S and I have already been an old married couple for 3 years, adding up to a total of 6 years of day and night!
So, even with infertility being one of the most hear wrenching thing in my life, there are so much that I appreciate --
First, I'm thankful for being alive, even if this life brings heck lot of pain and disappointment; I'm thankful to be able to experience these emotions.  I'm thankful for the rain drops in the Spring; the winter snow flakes; Summer breezeand Fall turning leaves. This life is wonderful of its own, and it will always be wonderful after I am gone.

Then there's my family. My trooper mother and my husband S. It's cliche to say, but truthfully, I had never known anyone who is so kind, compassionate and honest. Without him, I would never have dared to start a family, having been on my own for so long. He deserves all the happiness in the world.

Oh, and there's CCRM, our CCRM SUPPORT GROUP just exceeded 50 people!!! Thank you all wonderful ladies!!
Happy happy Thanksgiving, hope our next thanksgiving will be a lot messier and noisier:)

Follow up on the new OB

It went well. I was not even charged a consultation fee! I explained to her what I'm going through with ccrm and what will need to be done, and she was very understanding. So far so good! Now I'm excited about the regroup call next week, with protocol, cycle timing etc!

Monday, November 25, 2013

New ob

I'm meeting my new on for the first time this Wednesday, I hope the person is able to help with my situation, or she will refer me to someone who could. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Finally, Aubrey is knocked up!! When you follow someone's infertility journey through out 2 years that finally ends, it's pure joy, it made my day. I had been sneaking up on her site to check for progress for the past 2 weeks!

Friday, November 15, 2013

These days

So much happening yet not so much happening on the baby making side.  AMAZINGLY though, our FB group now has 30 people, all perspective or current patient, all supportive and so kind!!
I'm thinking about my pen friend, Aubrey, and I wish wish wish wish wish she is sweetly blessed already after her FET.
CCRM is running an ongoing study with Acai supplement.  All the girls in the group are talking about it so I finally called my nurse, who said she would run by the doctor to see if I qualify-- I would have to take that for 3 month like every other supplement. Suddenly I CAN'T WAIT for my regroup call on Dec 2nd...!
Off to NC tomorrow to visit friends, had to board our pooch :( I already miss his rescaleness!! :)

Friday, November 1, 2013


We built a Facebook open support group!!
*If privacy is a fair concern for you, I would encourage you to create a complete alias Facebook account for the group communication, this will be the best and safest option to protect your privacy! :)

OUR ODWU AT CCRM 10/31/2013

So we didn't go in costumes (boo).  Our day started at 6:45AM, as dawn was just started to blemish the night shade, we promptly woke up at 530am, chucked down breakfast at 6 and got to  CCRM's door right on time.  There was indeed a busy days ahead of us!  First the group class, which I'm sure is very useful  to people who are new to IVF and ART in general. But we are "veterans" (quote Dr's words), so it all sounded like yahleeyahlee, blah blah. Then we met up with Dr. S, and chatted with him about our history a bit; next we met with the financial lady whom we handed a $1000 deposits for IVF to; then came the consent lady, then my HSG (not bad at all with air pumped instead of H2O)  then lunch time, which we spent nearly all of it on DH's urology appointment across the street. In the afternoon both of us had more blood draws (We are doing most of the test back home in Philly, only did on spot the ones required to be done in house) It helps with insurance covering some of the expense, since ours doesn't cover the lab work here in Denver (said to be too close to the hospital??)
Here's what we spent so far in our ODWU

1. $1000 IVF deposit (check, this is a must if you're doing IVF)
2. $905 Blood work for both of us 
3. $326 Consultation fee
4. $450 Hysteroscope
5. $ 340 DH's urologist exam and blood draw
TOTAL = $3021

Baseline for CD5 LO: 5--7 follicles RO: 3 follicles, guess I'm back to the old routine again.
My Hysteroscope was good, no problem, my uterine blood flow came out excellent (thanks to the running), and the structure of the uterus is good. All my hardware are great, however all the problem seem to reside in the software. Apart from that, I loved our hotel the Hilton Garden inn! The room was big and the bed was very comfy! Although I did have to request another blanket :) Moreover It's literally 5 min to the clinic!
Although it is extremely uncertain that according to our history, our outcome would somehow be totally and positively opposite of what we been though with other clinics, we are hopeful, and peaceful, that we are/have made the most effort to or commitment to have a family.