Sunday, July 2, 2017

On my way

Our last cycle yielded one beautiful 3AA. But it was an abnormal embryo.....
I'm onto my 11th & my very last cycle, after my June cycle being canceled due to early period arrival....:(
Husband is home with our little buggar, she is so full of life and curiosity. As Dr. Surrey says if all fails we still have one little bean who will always light up our lives.  I hope this won't be our end resort....I  feel so incredibly detached from this process right now. Back when we first started IVF in 2010 I never would imagined  where we would be today.  While I am happy that I can do the cycle alone this time, I feel so sad about leaving my daughter for another two weeks :(....

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The journey continues--

As of now we have one 3aa being biopsied for CCS, so onto another round we must plan for the summer-- hopefully sooner than later...

Sunday, March 12, 2017

new cycle--#10 here we come

It has been truly a long time since I felt any motivation to whine about life on my blog. There's plenty to be whined about, but that's life. My heart is full when I see our little girl thriving. Sometimes I can hardly believe the power of observation of a 20 months old! She's such a spy!
So I've started priming for another retrieval later in March. Already we have suffered some would-be serious set backs and emotional distress (ugh, why can't they end??). We nearly couldn't all travel together due to bureaucracy, then there is the Nor'easter in Philly. Fingers crossed that our flight doesn't delayed too much, or get canceled completely. ...!
I have a new nurse now. She is hand down AWESOME.
TBD, I guess! Taking off in 3 days!