Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Stil waiting..:(

They still haven't received it, it's been 15 days since they went off with USPS... now I'm really worried :((((

Monday, April 29, 2013

Worries worries worries

My records haven't reached the hospital in Denmark...em... FedEx charges nearly $210 so I chose USPS...I might regret being cheap on this very soon:(
Give me a reason to have confidence in you, USPS!!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Endometrial injury to overcome recurrent embryo implantation failure

Interesting article-------->
Mechanical endometrial injury (biopsy/scratch or hysteroscopy) in the cycle preceding ovarian stimulation for IVF has been proposed to improve implantation in women with unexplained recurrent implantation failure (RIF). This is a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies comparing the efficacy of endometrial injury versus no intervention in women with RIF undergoing IVF. All controlled studies of endometrial biopsy/scratch or hysteroscopy performed in the cycle preceding ovarian stimulation were included and the primary outcome measure was clinical pregnancy rate. Pooling of seven controlled studies (four randomized and three non-randomized), with 2062 participants, showed that local endometrial injury induced in the cycle preceding ovarian stimulation is 70% more likely to result in a clinical pregnancy as opposed to no intervention. There was no statistically significant heterogeneity in the methods used, clinical pregnancy rates being twice as high with biopsy/scratch (RR 2.32, 95% CI 1.72–3.13) as opposed to hysteroscopy (RR 1.51, 95% CI 1.30–1.75). The evidence is strongly in favour of inducing local endometrial injury in the preceding cycle of ovarian stimulation to improve pregnancy outcomes in women with unexplained RIF. However, large randomized studies are required before iatrogenic induction of local endometrial injury can be warranted in routine clinical practice.
Some women undergoing IVF treatment fail to conceive despite several attempts with good-quality embryos and no identifiable reason. We call this ‘recurrent implantation failure’ (RIF) where the embryo fails to embed or implant within the lining of the womb. Studies have shown that inducing injury to the lining of the womb in the cycle before starting ovarian stimulation for IVF can help improve the chances of achieving pregnancy. Injury can be induced by either scratching the lining of the womb using a biopsy tube or by telescopic investigation of the womb using a camera. We performed a collective review of the available good-quality studies that used the above two methods in the cycle prior to starting ovarian stimulation for IVF. We pooled results from seven studies, which included 2062 women with RIF and assessed the difference in clinical pregnancy rates for those undergoing injury to the womb lining compared with no injury prior to IVF. The results suggest that inducing injury is 70% more likely to result in a clinical pregnancy as opposed to no treatment. Furthermore, scratching of the lining was 2-times more likely to result in a clinical pregnancy compared with telescopic evaluation of the lining of the womb. This study suggests that in women with RIF, inducing local injury to the womb lining in the cycle prior to starting ovarian stimulation for IVF can improve pregnancy outcomes. However, large studies are required before this can be warranted in routine clinical practice.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Update, crazy week

Boston and Bostonians, you are strong and you will heal with strength and love coming from all over the world.
Following the colposcopy & biopsy from the "abnormal PAP", it turned out to be benign, thankfully. I had a make up FSH done because the lab had somehow lost my blood and no one realized until I asked.  FSH – 7.8  Estradiol – 28.5 DHEA level has increased from18-29 and my AMH is 1.6, which seems better than the 1.28 from 3 years ago, even though I know it fluctuates, it still makes me feel better...small victories??
Our crazy move has almost finished, all big things have been moved except some small pieces. OYYYYE.

Monday, April 15, 2013

3 days late for period

I've read that DHEA can delay period, and it's happening! I've had cramps for 3 days but nothing came so far!

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Finally put together my records and will be sending them off to Denmark tomorrow. I'm excited and anxious--would this be the game changer? Would DHEA be my ultimate savior? Would.....?
There are SO many questions that can't be answered by anyone by time, and I'm so afraid of more disappointment...yet we are still doing everything we can so we can have an opportunity to try....to try!! :(

Friday, April 12, 2013

DHEA and its side-effects

Pretty good pictorial depiction of me on DHEA----

My hair and skin have gotten a lot greasier, which doesn't bother me as I've always had dry skin. Other than that I don't really feel anything different.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cancer scare (how I love when life decides to throw you a bad bone)

Last week I had my PAP at CHR, standard procedure.  This week the nurse informed me that my PAP came back "positive"-- the lab observed a large amount of abnormal cells(possible HPV), and requires me to follow up with a colposcopy (where the doctor goes into the cervix for close observation of lesions or displeasure).  Today I got my colposcopy, it was not a gentle procedure although short and sufferable.  The doctor took a biopsy at "2pm endo cervix" (not exactly sure what he called it) location. In the follow up meeting, he said it was not cancerous, but he needed to take a sample and will call me next week to discuss the result.  I'm relieved that I'm not in any stages of cancer, as my sister in law is currently going through her stage 4 cervical cancer treatment...we are not very close but I wish I can do more for her, if she'll let me.  The doctor said 60% of women will or already have HPV infection, as "you can get infected in your mother's vagina" (his words).
During the weekend, I kept thinking there is no way GOD would kill me before I become a mother, that thought makes me almost fearless.
So, the big scare of the week it is.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Halley Berry is preggers-- at 46!!

Gurlllll....good for you! And I'm wondering....if she went through any treatment for it...
Back to us, we are busy packing up for the big moves. I' getting all of my medical records ready to send to Denmark. In another 33 days, we will be away from New York and be somewhere rather new and strange to us...and the notion, that somehow I will become pregnant in Denmark...it's almost too much to bare.  Good thing life is keeping us on our toes, so there's little time to think.
To the ladies going through cycles, I'm thinking of you! To the ladies awaiting cycles, let's stay strong and confident :)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Taking the cat over sea is something no one should go through

An Accredited veterinarian is a licensed veterinarian who is also accredited by the USDA.  If your veterinarian is not accredited then you may have trouble having the veterinary certificate certified by the USDA area office.
Not all licensed veterinarians are accredited by the USDA.

The veterinarian should insert a 15 digit ISO microchip in your pet. (see additional information below) The pet MUST be micro chipped BEFORE (or on the same day as) the rabies vaccination is given. 

NOTE: If the pet has all ready been vaccinated for rabies but has not been micro chipped, then the rabies vaccination must be done again. AFTER the microchip has been inserted.  Proper insertion of the microchip should be verified with a scanner.

All dates on any health documentation including titers should be written with the month clearly indicated. For example, do not show the date as 09/10/2010. as this would indicate 9 October where it is meant to be 10 September.  Please always use this format DD-MM-YYYY – (example: 10 September 2011.)

When your USDA accredited veterinarian completes the veterinary certificate it must now show both the 6 digit National Accreditation No. and the state license number on all health certificates.

The microchip number in the pet must be the same as is shown on the form Annex II veterinary certificate.

Pet cats, dogs and ferrets  must be vaccinated for rabies at least 21 days prior to entry and must enter the country prior to the expiration date of the vaccine.


Some veterinarians are not yet familiar with the new form Annex II.  If your vet is not send me an email and I will send you a sample form that shows how the new certificate is filled out.

AIRLINES: The airline may also require a certificate stating that the pet is healthy enough to travel and is free of diseases communicable to humans.  Most airlines which require a health certificate request that it be signed by your veterinarian within 10 DAYS of travel. 


These same certificates may be used for your return to the United States provided the vaccinations have not expired and you have been out of the country less than 30 days. When returning to the United States be certain that your pet is free of parasites.


Have your accredited veterinarian complete the Annex II EU veterinary certificate as close to the departure date as possible – but not more than 10 days in advance of travel.

Send or take the forms to the USDA/APHIS/VS Area Office with a check for $38.00 and a postage paid return envelope.  We recommend that you use priority or express mail service both ways.

This is a record of the vaccinations given your pet including the name of the vaccine, the manufacturer of the vaccine, the batch number of the vaccine, the date administered and the expiration date of the vaccine if applicable. The pets vaccination record can be inserted into this new form or you may use a separate rabies certificate issued by your veterinarian.  The rabies certificate does not need to be certified by the USDA.


The following vaccinations are recommended. ONLY the rabies vaccination is required.

Dogs (Canine) may be vaccinated for:
 Rabies, Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parovirus and Parainfluenza

Cats: (Feline) may be vaccinated for:
Rabies, Feline panleukopenia (Distemper): Viral Rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus, and Leukemia

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ovulation day

I'm ovulating today, but I'm not scrambling to wake up early to get my monitoring and insemination done, or waiting in the crowded, miserable waiting room along with 75 other equally miserable women. This actually feels nice.