Sunday, August 17, 2014

Somedays are just better than others.  I have finally completed my training program and S and I are finally able to take a break from the running arounds, we are even hosting 2 friends for the week! I have spoken to this friend of mine about our infertility struggle and the upcoming FET, she's totally and completely supportive, but when her sister came to join us, who is btw an equally sweet, awesome human being (and a mother of two young children), from that point all I could hear is kids kids kids kids kids and more kids.  I love them, but after the dinner I was feeling more and more depressed. Then Mo peed on the rug so that sucks. Basically he peed in our bed last night and now this?! I'm not sure what is happening to him??  UGH :(

Saturday, August 9, 2014

FET count down

One month before we start our FET process.  I have been struggling to stay positive since there has been so much good news as well as puzzling news with the group.  What makes a perfect CCS normal embie fail to implant?? I don't get it.