Monday, July 14, 2014

Friend visit, dog, baby

Yesterday we had friends over for ball watching and pizza, it's been SO LONG since I had my last Dominal's (13years ago!) They brought their 7 months old baby, she was a beautiful, strong, fluffy, vocal little bundle of energy:) Doggie was very very curious about this little creature so he kept sniffing her feet and try to (gently) nib on them, giving his unemployed sheep dog status..:) She was sucking on an apple and he managed to steal it right from her arms! We were all shocked, haha!
Whenever I'm close to a baby, I'm very calm, there are no other feeling but that.  I don't feel sad or empty, everything just kind of dims down and I'm just enjoying a sense of peace brought by the baby.  Hopefully someday we can stare at our own baby~~

Monday, July 7, 2014

Off topic vent.. and the new CCRM PREGNANCY SUPPORT BOARD

I don't know if my body is desperately trying to regain it's hormonal balance or mixing red and rose isn't such a good idea, last night I did something that kept my head spinning almost all night.
I called someone.  Boo.
Without getting into details, (and this is  certainly not the place for it) the person is by no means a "friend", but life put us in each other's wonders by personal associations.  I was glad that the person didn't hang up the phone right away or wrestling me into a shouting match, we might have raised voices but nothing to the extreme. We had a lengthy conversation where I said most what I had been wanting to spill out of my chest, though my shoulders are still heavy from the chips.  The truth is sometimes forgivess just isn't meant to be, when no one is willing to forgive but continue to cry their losses and hurt feelings and pointing fingers. One carries their own anger but soon they are submerged in a tub of other's anger due to sense of loyalty and other obligations.  Such felling  practically holds the history altering power and thus the becoming of future. It's a war that will go for a thousand of years and eventually people forget why they even started it in the first place, but it will be too late.  We see what we want to see, whether pleasant or ugly, it's always a matter of view or a matter of taste...ok, that's my vent....
A new CCRM PREGNANCY SUPPORT BOARD has been created to specifically accommodate the  CCRM graduates, amazing transformation of this group! I am very very happy to see things moving for those who went through the struggle we are all too familiar with:)