Tuesday, May 28, 2013

End of first consultation in Copenhagen.

The doc is putting me on Clomid + Gonal F starting CD3 (which is their CD1 for stim). ET won't be full anesthesia, which is a little bit sad because I always enjoyed getting a solid 40 minute sleep at the retrieval. We will have to be in Copenhagen on CD 11 (which is their stim CD8). We are 14 days from a new cycle. Last week we started to watch "Mad men", and sure enough, here comes infertility; watching "Parks & Rec:, here is infertility; watching "30 Rock", here's infertility:( So far the only thing that hasn't brought up IF is "Game of throne"! Honestly, I've been a infertile for so long, I can't even picture myself pregnant... :(

As for the in-cycle monitoring, it seems like we don't need much of it. The doc said I should "get one scan now" locally. On CD11 (last week) I had a scan that showed 7 antral follicles in both ovaries, the doc was thrilled to see the numbers in a natural cycle, so that's some comfort. He did say, however, the problem is my AMH, which is low. Then he pointed out that my chance to become pregnant is no greater than 25%. Let's see if we can climb this wall shall we?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

IVF Copenhagen day 2--the consultation, part 1??

We showed up at the center 15 minutes early, thinking that would be enough time to fill some paperwokrs etc, but there weren't any. We sat in the waiting room until the doctor came out to greet us (on time!) Because my records never arrived, he wanted to read through my records first, and meet again tomorrow at 8am (we leave Denmark in the afternoon), then discuss further treatment plan. Basically--

1. The fertility practice here in Denmark tend to be very causal, often single sheet of paper would contain all of the test results for the patient. They try to make things as easy as possible for the patients. (My records are about 5 inches thick, yes, let's consolidate and save some trees.)
2. To my age group, they usually only transfer 1 embryo, but up to 3 maximum.
3. They only do day 2 transfer, unless there is a large number of eggs (which is unlikely in my case, since I'm shooting for a micro low stim protocol anyway).
4. They no longer take blood test (during stim??)
5. We can get monitored in France where we are before the retrieval week, it requires very little monitoring during that period (something like one ovarian ultrasound)
6. If anything happens to me during the retrial or treatment, I'm covered under their insurance.
7. We have to stay in Denmark for a fall retrieval/transfer week.
8. We will meet at 8am tomorrow, then he will give us his full thoughts after going through the paper works.
Now I feel like I'm more suspended in air.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Copenhagen day 1--pre consultation

Our GPS took us off the main highway to Charles De Gaulle way too early. We had about 1.5 hr max to get to the gate and there we were struggling with pale faces trying to get through the local stop and go traffic in Paris, not fun. I began to think that missing our flight was enivitable...thankfully, and surprisingly we made CDG on time with plenty to get some grub and use the boys&girls room...
We are taking Easyjet, the cheapest ticket possible. Our host Sharon gave us tips about transportation from the Copenhagen airport to her place (metro+bus).  I was so excited last night I couldn't sleep until the birds stared chirping, now I'm super dozy but the seat doesn't go back.....~_~
The transportation was easy, getting from the airport to Tagensvej took a little more than a hour, not bad given we had no idea about Denmark;)
The apt is nice, not exactly quiet but very close to the hospital. We are trying to come up with all questions about the consultation / logistics for tomorrow so I'm sure there will be plenty to report on!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Damn it, Beyoncé

You're pregger again?? 
On another note, had a hell of time booking a two night trip at Copenhagen.
Submitted 7 reservation requests but non was taken on airbnb, which was so weird! We had such easy time booking a place the first time in SF, then the second time it got really hard to find an available place;( 
Going to Copenhagen next Tuesday!!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy belated mother's day:/

This morning we woke up to a fresh breath of warm morning sunshine; the birds were chirping; the room was warm-- and, this is the day day my heart is mixed with sweet and bitterness --oh Mother's Day. My husband said to me by the pillow side -"happy future Mother's Day--", I didn't know what to think. I guess since we are again, making our step toward another promising cycle, we should naturally be hopeful that coming next one, I will be congratulating myself on this day?.. Then yes, happy Future Mother's Day to me.
Called mom, left a message. She wrote back and said she received the edible arrangement, sweet!
How did our trip go? Hmmm, shall we begin with my wallet getting stolen at a Hudson News stand at the airport? More amazingly, it was found by the port authority police! Yes, you heard it right! They. Found. It! I had never ever in my life imagined that the police actually can solve a crime in timely fashion! Of course We didn't press charge because all my stuff and money were all there, and they couldn't pin point anyone naturally. but,what a miracle!!
We have our first consultation at Copenhagen fertility center next Wednesday. I already have a bucket list for the doctor. Oh by the way, they never did receive my records, bummer!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Taking off tomorrow

Home has been moved; things have been packed; cat has been chipped/vaccined/endorsed by the USDA--we are ready to take off tomorrow. (We are so exhausted!!) :P
Watching "Parc & Rec", of course Ann is doing DS...I wish it was that easy!!
 I'm excited to be cycling in Denmark, but so far they still claim to not receive my records...hem...
And now, I'm more concerned about the cat, since she's traveling with us in the cabin, I just realized that she won't have a chance to pee for at least 10 hours! She's a polite cat, but 10 hours??  0o