Suppliment I am using or have used

I have been taking Royal Jelly from Bee Pollen Buzz since Sep this year.  My dose is 2 tsp x 2 daily. So far I have not experienced any side effect.  Sometimes I mix a spoon full with some honey, other times if I'm on he run, I just mix it up with some warm water.  I have since under went 1 IVF and 1 medicated IUI which both resulted in negative.  However, I would point out, that in my IUI cycle, my left ovary, which is always the "lazy" one, actually produced 2-3 viable follicles (it also created a huge cyst afterward), that has never happened before in a IUI cycle.  I remain optimistic about RJ and will be continuing the dosage.
I do love Bee Pollen Buzz, they are easy to communicate with and so down to earth (eh!)

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